100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Here what have some of our clients sent us after the completion of their moves we were obliged to share with you.

  • No hidden costs. No surprises
  • No extra for weekends
  • No extra for stairs
  • No extra for fuel & mileage
  • Locally owned and Operated
  • Licensed and Insured
  • 24 hr. Service ... 7 Days a week
  • Most importantly, we are Careful!!!
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Ji Hyun Lee
Electrotech LLC

The day our movers came to move our warehouse, the heat index was 112 F. The men were simply AMAZING! Incredible Movers made our move possible - with a weekday move on very short notice in such tremendous heat, we couldn't have done it without your help! The men put each box in the designated shelfs and did it with care! All team were courteous and friendly! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Next year our plan is to move our FL office to a different location and we have every intention of hiring Incredible Movers again.

Melissa Saslow
A1 Accounting

I moved my large office from downtown San Diego to Irvine a couple of weeks ago and I used Incredible Movers. A couple of weeks before the moving date, a nice gentleman named Alex came out and gave me an onsite estimate for free. He went through all the details of the move and assured me that everything would go smoothly. And smoothly it went! The office staff at Incredible Movers took care of all the insurance requirements and legal stuff which was great. The movers arrived on time and since my building only allows moving after business hours, we had a fairly limited time period. The movers were pros and knew exactly what they were doing. There were 9 cubicles to take down which they did and packed my furniture nicely. After they got to the new location, they unpacked the furniture and assembled the cubicles. Everything was done in a very professional manner and the movers were friendly and nice. Incredible Movers made my moving experience pleasant.


Refet Roman
Beverly Hills CA

This guys moved me from the Glendale to Beverly Hills this weekend and it couldn't have been smoother. Movers arrived right on time, easily handled the treacherous steps in my building and finished the move in just over 2 hours despite a 4 hour estimate when I made the reservation. The movers were totally cool & trustworthy and took really good care of my stuff. Moving is stressful and these movers made it quick and completely painless.‎

Kaitlin Bleier
Pasadena CA

Incredible Movers company last minute, and got a deal for 2 string and smart movers and a truck for $85 ph, i moved from my public storage to my new house in Pasadena, movers were on time, they did outstanding job, the total that i paid was $295 for a 3.5 hour move form 10 x 20 storage in to my house, good and respectful movers, will use for my future moves‎

Arnecia Potter
Santa Ana CA

Incredible Movers Incredibly careful and respectful not only of all our personal belongings and furniture but also of our new house. Incredible Movers worked non-stop all day without complaint and in fact with smiles and good cheer.

Alberto G.
San Deigo CA

Im using Incredible Movers services for the 3rd time in 2 years, first i moved from Pasadena to Santa Monica City, 3 month ago they moved me from Santa Monica City to San Diego CA, 2 days ago they my brother from Irvine CA ti San Diego CA, the movers are with out any hidden charges, they fast and polite, thanks again for the perfect move.‎

Long Distance

Nadia Salamanca
San Francisco CA

I absolutely loved working with Incredible Movers! These guys are great! We have moved five times in the last four years, and used other movers in the past. SF moving storage ripped us off and broke a few items we cared a lot about, some other local movers in the bay area took care of the other three moves, but bitched about it the entire time. When it came to moving from San Francisco to L.A., this time, we did our homework. Sunset really does deliver what they promise. Alex came and did our in-home estimate, we agreed on the price and that's exactly what we ended up paying. I have to admit- we had a bit more than was on the sheet, but the movers didn't complain- the price was the price and that was it. Not only did they bring all the stuff to wrap everything- there wasn't an extra charge for blankets, boxes, etc. They even took our clothing out of the closets and packed & Unpacked it at the new place! I know, and many of my friends have also used them and been blown away. They are the best!‎

Melik Hasan
Pasadena CA

We enjoyed our move from Fresno CA to Pasadena CA due to the great customer service, even in the torrential downpour yesterday morning. We'd like to give Alex and his crew some recognition for their positive and helpful attitudes. They were a pleasure to work with and they are one of the cheapest long distance movers. Everything was in perfect condition as it was never moved i promise to recommend Incredible Movers to anyone. Thank you so much.‎